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I have worked in various types of design, engineering, and implementation all of my life.

Fresh out of the University of Illinois, where I earned B.S. and M.A. degrees in mathematics, I became employed by C.B. Fisk, Inc. where I helped to design, engineer, and put together some of the finest pipe organs on the planet.

This has been followed by a 30+ year career as a software engineer where I have helped to design, engineer, and implement the websites and computer systems for companies such as Trader Joes, Charles Schwab, and Wells Fargo.

I am a coder and idea person. I am not a graphic artist. I specialize in solving problems of the nature – “I want my WordPress site to do such and such and I can not figure out how to make it do that.” You can hire me and my expertise to write a custom plugin for your site, write custom code, or solve a problem. If your site has been hacked or you want added security, I can help you. To see the list of services I provide click on the Menu, above, marked “Services”.

I guarantee all my work. This means that in the rare event there is a bug, I fix it free of charge.

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