Build Plugins

Build Plugins

Oftentimes clients ask me to build them a custom plugin to make WordPress do something that it does not do out of the box. I love this kind of work. Bending WordPress to the will of my clients. Following are a few examples of work I’ve done for previous clients.


Recently I customized the MapSVG plugin for a client. The end result is the map on this page. Community Programs. Clicking on any county brings up a scrollable list of data for the county (also click on any city from the list), data that the client manages in a Google spreadsheet. I provided coding to get the data into the WordPress database as needed, coding to get that data to the popup on the map, and coding to manage the popups and color schemes.


Most recently I created an real estate application in the form of a plugin that interfaces with It allows the real estate agent to set up custom auto responders to a Twilio phone number, that can respond to either a text message or a phone call. It also logs Twilio requests. Both the auto responders and log entries are custom categorized.


Recent work included a custom data entry form that was managed by jQuery that I wrote. The options that appear on the form were determined by other input in the form. At certain points, the form had to make an Ajax call to get data to determine which form elements to display.

For another client I created a custom post type for a video gallery. Each video had an image associated with it. On the video gallery page were displayed the images. Clicking on an image initiated an Ajax call to retrieve the link to the video from the CPT and the video was displayed in a light box.

Mail Chimp

Coded a complete integration of a WordPress site with a Mail Chimp list. Registration of new users with many fields besides just name and email address was integrated with Mail Chimp so that data from new user was also added to Mail Chimp database.

Zen Menu Logic

This is a plugin I created to allow you to denote on a page by page basis which one of several custom menus you want to appear at a menu location on the page. You can get a copy of this plugin from the WordPress plugin repository at Zen Menu Logic.

Export Data as CSV

Wrote custom functionality that allowed user to go into the dashboard and export various tables of the database as csv files.

Scrolling Events

I set up a custom post type where each instance represented an event with date, description etc. I then provided a widget that was used in the home page. This widget displayed a scrolling list of the events. It would just continously repeat and, of course, the events were clickable to take the user to a page showing the full description of the event.

Relational Custom Post Types

There were two custom post types A and B, where each instance of A had to refer to an instance of B. In the edit page of A, I provided a drop down select box showing instances of B, for the user to choose from.

Custom Database Tables

I’ve provided custom data base tables to the WordPress database to hold custom data for an application and coded all the required sql statements using the WordPress internal database access methods.

Paypal Integration

Provided a custom developed shopping cart of trainings and integrated that with Paypal. Included integration with Paypal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system.

Image Map

Work involved a map of the USA, making each state clickable, taking user to a page of information specific to the state that was clicked.

Adding Buttons To Editor

Added buttons to Tiny Advanced MCE Editor to enable custom editing functions.


Custom widgets, jQuery, custom post types, taxonomies and filters, short codes, fancy box and light box.

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